Tobias E. A. Reaper

I consider myself a jack of many trades, master of some.

That is, I have an exceptionally wide range of interests, many of which I’ve pursued as more than casual hobbies. As a dedicated and passionate life-long learner, I take pride in my learning and do so as much as possible regardless of where I am or what I’m doing.

Thanks to my parents, who provided me with a unique and wonderful upbringing, I can confidently say, “The world is my classroom!” with an almost completely straight face.

The what I’m doing part usually revolves around building or creating, as that is how I learn best. It is quite fitting that core philosophy of my undergraduate alma mater is “learn by doing”. Funny how those things work out.

I am an avid creator and consumer of data of all kinds. In particular, I enjoy creating, gathering, organizing, and/or exploring datasets looking for those relationships—or meaningful coincidences—that make life such a rich experience.

I don’t mean dataset in a strict sense; I mean any collection of data representing ideas or experiences, be it text, imagery, audio, or raw numbers. For data that beyond me as a mere human, I’m fascinated with finding algorithms to augment my abilities.

All of this is to say: I believe in the science of data.